[Windows10] [Cordova] [MSBuild] [.net Native] Creating a cordova appxupload with msbuild results in an appxupload without binaries


  • We are creating a cordova app for iOS, Android and Windows. When issuing the following command on my developer machine, we get a correct appxupload, containing a bundle with 3 appx-files (ARM, x86, x64) with all required dll, winMD and exe files. When we issue the same command on our build server, the dlls, winmds and exe are missing from the appx-files. We have no clue what is causing this issue. We also do not get any exception during compilation.

    The command we use: "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\MSBuild\14.0\bin\msbuild.exe" platforms\windows\CordovaApp.Windows10.jsproj /m /nr:false /p:Configuration=release /p:Platform=ARM /p:Platform=x64 /p:Platform=x86 /p:AppxBundle=Always /p:AppxBundlePlatforms="x86|x64|ARM" /p:UapAppxPackageBuildMode=StoreUpload  /v:m

    In the image you see the content of the appx-files. On the left the locally built one, on the right the one from the build-server
    Monday, August 8, 2016 12:13 PM


  • It appears to be an outdated version of npm in combination with missing icons in the res\icon\windows folder (we add those on the fly after cordova add platform) This stopped adding the plugins, causing the above output.
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    Monday, August 29, 2016 6:44 AM