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  • When calling the List Publishing Credentials API for a web app deployment slot with an App name longer than 40 characters, the SCM URI returned in the properties section of this operation is being returned with the wrong value.


    1. Create a web application with a name greater than 40 characters.

    2. Create a deployment slot for the web app

      The name created for the deployment slot is the first 40 characters of the web app name, then a hyphen, then the deployment slot name. 

    3. Call List Publishing Credentials operation against the deployment slot.

     The SCM URI returned has the host name as webappname-deploymentslotname.scm.azurewebsites.net. The web app name is not truncated to 40 characters, which means the uri is invalid as per the deployment slot creation. 

    Wednesday, August 23, 2017 11:52 PM

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  • We have identified an issue, till the issue is fixed you can work around this by calling the Get Slot API to get the website and then filter properties.hostnames array of the response for a hostname with dns prefix: .scm.<dns suffix>.

    Type                                                     DNS prefix

    Public Azure Web App                    -> .scm.azurewebsites.net

    Public Azure Mobile App                 -> .scm.azure-mobile.net

    App Service Environment Web App -> .scm.p.azurewebsites.net or .scm.<AppServiceEnviroment DNS suffix>

    In the case of a public Azure site, the dns prefix would be .scm.azurewebsites.net.

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    Tuesday, August 29, 2017 7:59 PM