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    I have a problem with PCL5 on Win server 2008 R2 (Terminal server) with printing over easy print. When i connect to terminal server fro my client (XP SP3 and .Net3.5) i can see my printers. Tehn i can send text file or .doc .docx or .xls file. But i have a application too on Terminal Server. When logged on to a TS session, the all printers shows up as a redirected printer as I would expect. When I try to print (PCL5 File)  to it while in the TS session from my application, however, it does not print. How can i solution this problem? i didnt get any pcl files from redirection pritners..

    Thank you.

    Monday, October 11, 2010 2:55 PM

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  • Easy Print will not work with any application that does not print directly through the Windows Host' printer driver or any print stream that uses the WIN SDK EscapePassThrough function.  There are many applications (mostly legacy financial) that generate PCL directly.  Or, insert macro commands into a Window PCL printer driver's print stream.  Easy Print is expecting raw EMF files, not PCL.  There are several way around this issue.  One is to render the PCL before it leaves the host by converting the PCL into PDF (with PCLTool SDK, et al.) on the Host and send the PDF's to the remote sessions.  Or, use a program like PCLPrint to render the PCL to an in-memory DIB and then print to the Easy Print Host's printer driver.  Or, send the PCL directly to the remote session and have it render the PCL to print, convert or fax.


    Tuesday, January 18, 2011 10:51 PM