Error with Cognitive Extensions - even with samples data


  • Since few days, I get an error with U-SQL Cognitive Extensions.

    "Unable to load data model"
    An unhandled exception from user code has been reported when invoking the method 'Constructor' on the user type 'Cognition.Vision.EmotionExtractor'

    Any extractor raise an exception when there are many files in input. It works when I put a single file or 3 files. It doesn't work with 5 files and above.
    It worked few weeks ago, I have just updated extensions through portal.
    I tried a freshly new installation (new analytics and store account) on 2 regions (North Europe and Esat US 2) and I get same error.

    USQL script is very simple, I tried with one from samples in GitHub.
    Cognitive Extensions version is 1.0.6. I tried with an older version (1.0.4) with same error.
    I tested it with Samples images given from Microsoft and I get the same error.

    Last test : JobID = 6444291a-9fa4-41a6-ae4e-0669f953be8c

    Friday, June 29, 2018 7:22 AM

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