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  •  Hi,

    As per requirement we need to customize the "Email Body" [ Welcome Email ] which is sent to users when they are invited to a site.

    I read somewhere that it can be done by changing aclinv.aspx page in layouts folder[http://community.officesharepointpro.com/forums/29736/ShowThread.aspx] However as our MOSS site will be deployed on client's server and we ned to give them only package [wsp] , I am not sure how we can deploy this changed aspx page, "aclinv.aspx" on server???

    Or else if Email Customization could be done via object model [code] then I think it would work !!!

    Any thoughts ??

    Friday, October 10, 2008 11:31 AM


  • Hi there

    The actual body string of the email is kept inside the core.resx resource file, and is named ACLAddWebBody. It is populated with the dynamic values inside the class that the aclinv.aspx inherits from. So yes, it seems that in order to modify this email text, you can either modify the resource file, but make sure that the {0}, {1} etc tokens are correct, or create a new class that the page inherits from and use this instead.

    Neither of these changes are going to be recommended as a future update could easily overwrite your changes.
    In response to your actual question, you can deploy these changes through a wsp..if you want to put a page in the layouts folder then you have to create a RootFile or TemplateFile entry in your manifest.xml.

    This article can assist you in creating the wsp manifest.xml and the various entries you can create for deploying files
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    Friday, October 10, 2008 12:40 PM