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    Everywhere I look for hints to connect to a (web)service, I am advised to choose "add service reference" in VS2012, but that won't work in my current situation. The implementation in my case is a third party service, and the template is not able to continue and cannot create a proxy for me. I don't know the implementation details other than the wsdl.

    Now I am stuck with this situation: I have to connect to a third party service that has to be connected through HTTPS with a certificate. I have that in place allright. The template wizardry won’t work for me (VS2012). And yes, I have tried the advanced options in all possible variations. Every template attempt strands in "There was an error downloading.....The request failed with HTTP status 400: bad request" So I am looking for a way to do it manually.

    What I have available is the uri (https://webaddress.com/service.svc/nameofmethod) of the service, a wsdl file describing the service, an xsd file of the service and an example of an xml-soap message to send to the service.

    How can I make a working connection / proxy to the service and call its methods with these ingredients?


    Friday, March 15, 2013 2:41 AM

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    Have you tried with add web reference instead of service reference?

    Have you tried creating proxies by manually with wsdl.exe?

    You can check tutorial here for adding it manually with wsdl.exe -


    Have you tried checking that service url that it is working fine with other tools like fiddler or soapui?


    Friday, March 15, 2013 1:47 PM
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    Hi kushalrdadal,

    Thanks for your suggestions. I had tried

    Have you tried with add web reference instead of service reference?
    this already (as I mentioned above), but your suggestion to dive into using WSDL.EXE was a good one. browsing from article to article, I finally found a working suggestion. I have a proxy definition now, compiled that in a separate project, referenced that project from within my original project and I hope to get it responding during the rest of my weekend (...keeping my fingers crossed...)

    Fiddler would not work for me, I got stuck in the https / certificate mess and Fiddler stopped monitoring after the connection was opened (that's what it looks like anyway).

    Thanks again,


    Saturday, March 16, 2013 7:53 AM