Is Microsoft going to Build Skype on .NET platform because as i see it its made on Delphi 7 or something

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  • Yes believe it or not, Microsoft Forces you to buy their .net Visual Studio while their product skype  has been developed in Delphi 7. Microsoft even provides you with updates that are made in Delphi 7 compiler.  Amazing but true.  From one side Microsoft is selling to you her .net platform and tell you how great it is while they use software that has nothing todo with the .net platform...   and SKYPE is one example of it.  First thing Microsoft should do is to rewrite the software to .net then ask the people to buy their .net Visual Studio. 

    IS MICROSOFT PLANNING TO RE-WRITE SKYPE TO TOTAL .NET so we can all see the .net power or MICROSoFT ADMITS THAT .NET is a failure and should be stopped and come back with a product like DELPHI that is based around the WIN32 API ?

    Sunday, July 10, 2016 10:16 AM

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  • Hi,

    again this thread offers a lot of logic that I cannot understand at all.

    Where is Microosft forcing anyone to buy Visual Studio? I know a lot of developer who develop software without Visual Studio. Or they use Visual Studio but use a free edition (Community or an Express version).

    And where is Microsoft selling .Net? .Net is part of Windows. That is all. And it might even be outdated because .Net Core and UWP might be the replacement for this.

    Then you have to understand that Microsoft bought a lot of companies. There is no reason why they should invest a lot of money just to transfer something working to some other technology. There is simply no reason for it.

    Of course; After buying some company, the could:
    - throw out all developers who know the product
    - send users that do not use windows to hell

    Skype was bought by Microsoft which includes the employees that have all the knowledge of that product. There is no reason for a complete rewrite. Why should they choose to write such a software in .Net? .Net is only running on a limited number of platforms. So that is another reason not to do this.

    And if you want to see the .Net power than look at the technology where .Net was used. Office 365 (If you want then this might be seen as a redevelopment of hotmail which was bought and which was running on FreeBSD if I remember correctly) or Exchange or SQL server. There was even some other thread of 2012 that was revived now which names some. 

    And behind PowerShell you will find .Net. (So when we need an api we sometimes have to take the PowerShell API that some vendors supply and simply use the dll of the api!) And that is the basis for a lot of configuration tools.

    Just my few points I could add to your ideas.

    With kind regards,


    Sunday, July 10, 2016 5:08 PM