question about get wpd driver value from metro javascript


  • I want get the value back in wpd driver to my metro UI.

    in my wpd driver, I have setting the value as below:

    MethodParameterAttributeInfo g_ServiceMethodParameters[] =
        {&METHOD_ReadHeartRateMeasurement, &METHOD_PARAMETER_HealthHeartRateService_Measurement_Result,                VT_BOOL,    WPD_PARAMETER_USAGE_RETURN, WPD_PARAMETER_ATTRIBUTE_FORM_UNSPECIFIED, 0, L"Result" },
        {&METHOD_ReadHeartRateMeasurement, &METHOD_PARAMETER_HealthHeartRateService_Measurement_Value,             VT_INT,     WPD_PARAMETER_USAGE_OUT,    WPD_PARAMETER_ATTRIBUTE_FORM_UNSPECIFIED, 1, L"Value" },

    HRESULT HealthHeartRateService::OnMethodInvoke(
        _In_    REFGUID                Method,
        _In_    IPortableDeviceValues* pParams,
        _Out_   IPortableDeviceValues* pResults)
        HRESULT hr = S_OK;
        if (IsEqualGUID(METHOD_ReadHeartRateMeasurement, Method))

           READVALUE_MEASUREMENT * pMeasurement = NULL;

           int value=50;

           if (SUCCEEDED(hr))
                    hr = pResults->SetUnsignedLargeIntegerValue(METHOD_PARAMETER_HealthHeartRateService_Measurement_Value, value);
                    CHECK_HR(hr, "Failed to add METHOD_PARAMETER_HealthHeartRateService_Measurement_Value");

            return hr;


    How to get METHOD_PARAMETER_HealthHeartRateService_Measurement_Value = 50 back to my metro UI?

    Sunday, May 27, 2012 3:46 AM


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