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  • General discussion

  • Welcome to the WPF/E Forums! The E is for Everywhere, try the WPF Forum for regular WPF questions.

    Forum Goals:

    • Grow body of knowledge
    • Enable more people to find the information without asking
    • Give feedback to WPF/E team about difficulties

    Recommended Steps for Asking General Questions:

    1) Search before you ask

    Search the FAQ, the Internet, and this forum.

    2) If you need to ask, provide a descriptive title

    3) Provide a good description of the problem, with sample code/markup if possible

    4) Make sure that the issue gets appropriately closed (mark the correct answers as answers.)  

    Recommended Steps for Answering:

    1) Answer the question

    * Please avoid one line answers...be more complete, it will help everybody.

    2) If the question isn't good enough, tell the questioner where it is lacking

    3) Point people towards blogs/samples/sdk entries that may help

    (Post adapted from Rob Relyea's WPF Forum Best Practices post)


    Thursday, March 8, 2007 1:15 AM