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  • Hello All,

    My application is a zero configuration network management tools that includes hostname resolution without DNS or WINS settings. So I dont have a DNS server or WINS server configured on user's machine and I need to resolve all the names using my remote server. My application connects to remote server and it starts monotoring for hostname requests. It can be DNS or NBNS request.

    I know Winsock NSP is one solution but I am facing these issues with it.

    1. A newly installed NSP module is visible only to processes that are started after NSP module is registered. Hence, on first install or upgrade, user must restart all already running applications.

    2. Up on receiving a name resolution request from application, the Windows waits for the default TCP/IP NSP to timeout before the result from My application's NSP is delivered to the application. This results in slow hostname resolution response to application, in turn slow connection establishment. I have observed different timeout or behaviour on different machines (ofcourse different platforms also).

    3. Interoperability issues with some applications. Facing conflict with trend micro antivirus right now

    Could any of you please confirm that the above three issues are really limitations with NSP?  I understand point 1 is a logical limitation.

    Somehow I could reduce the timeout on some platforms by adding my NSP twice, one at the begining of catalog and one at end. Any clues?

    Is there a possibility to overcome limitation 2.



    Thursday, March 15, 2007 12:27 PM