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  • Hi!
    I am trying to speed up my WES7 SP1 startup time.
    If I use Winddows 7 Pro i can get it down to 50 sec from power on until my app shows up.

    With my WES7 SP1 image is is slower, 67 sec.
    I do use the "Unbranded Startup Screens" feature pack.

    -Why does WES take longer time then Win 7?
    I don't use Hibernate in WIN 7 by the way.
    -Does the eval screen make the startup slower?  

    This is the boot sequence I have today:
    1. Power ON
    2. Bios startup
    3. Init drivers for keyboard, mouse etc
    4. Init hard drivers etc
    This takes 15 sec
    5.   (15 sec)Black screen
    6.   (22 sec)Black screen with blue dashed line in upper left corner
    7.   (28 sec)Black screen with mouse poiter in the middle
    8.   (35 sec)Eval screen
    9.   (39 sec)Black screen with mouse poiter in the middle
    10. (58 sec) My WPF app starts
    11. (67 sec) App ready

    Best Regards

    Johan D


    Monday, June 6, 2011 4:52 PM

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  • Hm best way to speed up is using a ssd with sata controller (e.g. intel matrix /rapid storaged) or something. disabling unused services and drivers also should speed up.

    "Mark/Propose As Answer" if you got one.
    Monday, June 6, 2011 10:53 PM
  • I am aware of that but I still expect WES to be quicker than Windows 7 Pro.
    Note that before I installed WES the startup time was only 50 sec.
    Now with WES it is 67 sec.

    It is the exact same hardware and same drivers. So there is most likely a setting in WES that explains this.

    /Johan D


    Tuesday, June 7, 2011 5:56 PM