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  • Hello,

    I am trying to profile instrumentation on my Silverlight project, but could not get it work.

    Here was I did:

    From Visual Studio:

         Analyze->Lanuch Performance Wizard-> Instrumentation->A dynamic-link library (.DLL file)->Provide the path of one dll on the Release directory of my Silverlight project, path of iexplore.exe as the Exceutable path, the TestPage.html on the Release directory as the Command-line arguments, and path of Release as the Working Directory->check Launch profiling after the wizard finishes.

        It seems profiling but I got "File contains no data buffers" and "Analysis failed".


    From command line:

    > vsperfclrenv /traceon
    > vsinstr C:\....\Bin\Release\MyProj.dll
    > vsperfcmd /start:trace /output:some.vsp
    > C:\Program Files\...\iexplore.exe C:\.....\Bin\Release\TestPage.html
    > (interact with my Silverlight application)
    > vsperfcmd /shutdown
    >vsperfclrenv /off

    Then I got the same messages "File contains no data buffers" and "Analysis failed".

    To my notice, the size of the generated vsp file was always 148k.

    So what are the steps to instrument a Silverlight project, either from Visual Studio UI or command line? I did search around but couldn't find the steps on Silverlight project. 

    Thanks a lot!



    Tuesday, May 10, 2011 3:35 PM


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