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  • I have been using Power View for the last week or so, building on tabular models imported to SSAS from PowerPivot - so far I am very impressed, but I want to list a few of the features that I feel would make this product even more useful. I would appreciate discussion.

    • Ability to drill-down through defined hierarchies, especially time hierarchies.
    • Ability to control fonts/colors/formats of axes
    • Ability to use more marker types in scatter plots
    • Ability to control playback speed
    • Ability to define report-level filters
    • Ability to use KPI's defined in the tabular model, with KPI appropriate visualizations (stoplights, gauges etc.)
    • Ability to use sparklines and KPI indicators in tables
    • Ability to display all or part of the report in an i-frame on a page - passing filter parameters through the URL - this + KPI functionality would be an incredible combination.
    • Ability to include graphics / logos etc. on report pages.
    • Ability to control size / scale of report pages.

    What have I missed?
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  • Hi Matt,


    Thanks for the feedback and the positive comments.   Please do log your requests on the Microsoft Connect Site.  That allows us to track them and aggregate them.  

    We are not in a position right now to disclose future features, but I will say that these are all items we certainly have "on our list".  If you can find an existing Connect item that covers one of these, please do add a vote.  Otherwise do create another request please.  

    As far as discussion, I'm interested in hearing about the last item you mentioned in terms of controlling the page size.  Can you elaborate some more on that?




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    Thursday, December 8, 2011 10:46 PM
  • A couple features that i would love to see.

    - The Ability to publish a report with pre defined filters, so the user cannot modify the dimensions that have been preselected for the report.

    - Would love to see heat maps


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  • Sean, 


    Thank you for the reply, I looked through Connect, but was not able to find a good place to put these observations. Could you please post a link?

    I would like to use PowerView to drive dashboard pages in SharePoint. I have already been able to call PowerView in an Iframe, but I get the first page, scaled to the size of the frame. There are a few minor modifications that would make it extremely functional:

    A) The ability to define the size of report pages / items so that when they are displayed in an iframe they do not shrink.

    B) The ability to pass URL parameters (Page/filters/etc.)


    Wednesday, December 14, 2011 3:44 PM