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    Let me introduce myself first. My name is Mike Griffin and I have created tools such as MyGeneration, EntitySpaces, and now My2ndGeneration which is a cloud based Social Coding / Code Generation site.

    However, the reason why I am writing is that I have created a derivative of EntitySpaces which is 100% Xamarin Mono Touch compatible and in fact runs under Windows and all of Xamarin’s supported platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Android, and thefull Mac Lion OS X. We have MonoDevelop projects for all them.

    The C# ORM Architecture is called “Tiraggo” and can be seen here: http://brewdawg.github.com/Tiraggo/

    It supports SQLite on all platforms, and of course a ton more databases on the Windows platform. However, most will use their Tiraggo Business objects on both sides of the conversation (server/device) and communicate back and forth via either JSON or XML services. I am looking for someone to who can wrute the Tiraggo demos.

    I will host a service that can serve up data from the Northwind SQL Server database on my server in via both JSON and XML, but it won’t matter which because on the receiving end you get a nice Tiraggo Collection full of Entities and it’s all C# code of course. I will provide sample code showing how to do this. Basically, all you need to do is create the UI, that’s where hopefully you come in.

    So, here is what we are looking for:

    A person who can create the same demo on all Mono Touch platforms, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Mac Lion OS X.

    The demo will do these three things:

    Retrieve, display, and allow editing of data through our Service, one page uses the XML Service, one page uses the JSON Service. Finally, duplicate the above screen using a local SQLite database (Northwind.db3) which already have created, this will be quite easy actually.

    Basically, we want a nice demo that has these features which has the same functionality in all Xamarin Mono Touch platforms. It really won’t be that difficult and I will list you as the author of all of the demo’s and any plug you want to make for consulting services and alike.

    It’s a very cool architecture, I think you will like working with it, and it runs everywhere. If you’re interested reply here and let me know. We can't pay anything, but we can get you some nice press and plus you'll learn a very cool way to write Mono Touch applications.

    Thank you,

    Mike Griffin

    Wednesday, February 6, 2013 4:25 PM

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