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  • I've got a decent PowerPivot sheet started.  I've got a few issues though.


    1.  I started by creating a sheet with a PivotTable over a PivotChart, one the coices in the report section of the PowerPivot tab.  This worked great so I another chart and another table.  I got them all to link to the slicers without much issue.  However the newly added charts don't show anything selected as being attatched to these slicers in the PowerPivot Field List.  Not a big issue for me as the developer, but this product is meant to be passed onto users and this just won't be acceptable.

    2.  Sparklines.  These are great.  I can add them nicely right next to my PivotTables.  The issue is if the table moves, the SparkLines don't really belong to it so they stay behind if the table moves.  If I add more rows to the table by making slicer changes, no new SparkLines.  How do I integrate these more tightly with the table so I can move the table and keep the SparkLine with it?  How do I get it to create more SparkLines as the data grows?

    3.  A continuation of this.  Since the table is over the chart.  If I add more lines of data to the table through Slicer changes the extra lines can end up hidden behind the chart.  I need the table to have properties like can grow that will push the chart lower in the Excel sheet and also pull them back up if the data is reduced.  Is this possible?

    4.  Sparklines and direction.  I have one Sparkline created that is based off of ranks.  The data numbers show up fine.  The Sparklines however are drawn wrong because normally 1 is lower than 2.  For ranks of course 1 is best and I want that to be the higher point in the Sparkline.  How do I do this?

    Thursday, May 26, 2011 5:10 PM

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