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  • Hello.
    I hope this is the correct forum.

    My program burns CD's/DVD's. Those CD/DVD's are sent out to a lot of receivers. Now, I've got error reports from some people who claims that the two CD's they got is identical to eachother.
    That is not the case. But the CD's in question got the same volume label, the same anount of files, with identical file names.
    But the content of the files differ. When the receiver has read the first CD, ejects it and puts in CD No 2, the information doesn't change (due to the fact that the driver cdrom.sys doesn't notice the changed CD, I guess). And the content of the files (from the first CD) seems cached, so the user sees the files from CD No 1, despite the fact that CD No2 is inserted.
    F5 of course doesn't work, since the file system isn't updated.

    If the user reads a completely different CD between "my" CD's, the file system is refreshed and the information is correct.

    My question:
    What's the criteria (in cdrom.sys) for detecting a replaced CD in the CD-ROM drive? Different volume label, or what?
    This problem drives "my CD readers" go nuts, and then it hits me...


    hello33_44, aka kakan.

    Wednesday, September 23, 2009 9:42 AM