Java applet displays incorrectly in Windows 7 RRS feed

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    As my school project I, with help, have created a remotely controlled real-time closed circuit TV system for the school so that teachers can post messages on TVs, sort of like an information board system. One way to leave a message is through a website with a java applet.

    The applet we made works fine on windows xp, but works curiously on windows 7. It runs in the browser and asks the client to accept the certificate, but when the user clicks on “run” the applet doesn’t come up. It’s there, the buttons come up if you move the mouse pointer over them and the text becomes visible if you press ctrl+a. It works too, all the functions work properly, if you can navigate. It works in windows 7 safe mode though. I’ve tried turning of services, making a “clean boot”, running the browser in safe mode and changing the html tags (applet, object, embed) and nothing’s working. It’s not the firewall or antivirus. It’s just something with windows 7. I need to fix it- half the teachers have windows 7.

    I’ve managed to narrow the problem down. The applet apparently works fine in windows 7 with the colors turned down to 16 bits. Doesn’t work in 32 bits mode on windows 7, but works in both modes on xp. Now, it’s not the graphic card – I’ve tested with others OSs on same computers. Firefox I can set to start in XPsp3 compatibility mode in properties and it works even in 32bit color mode on windows 7. But Internet Explorer can’t be set to start in the compatibility mode because “it’s part of this version of windows”… Due to this undesirable problem I will have to configure computers of the entire staff. I’ve even tried tweaking with the graphic card properties hoping there’d be a box to uncheck somewhere. Without positive outcome. Switching all computers to 16-bit mode seems pretty intrusive as it disables Windows Live Thumbnails and Aero Peak. I’m looking for a way to make it work for the teachers without them having to edit advanced settings or decreasing functionality of their computers. If there is an advanced setting to be changed, the schools computer service will do it.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thank you in advance, Jakub, Sweden

    Thursday, June 16, 2011 11:37 AM