How to report bugs in Cider RRS feed

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  • We are happy to take bug reports on this forum, but (in case you were not aware of it) if you have found a bug in Cider (or anything else in Visual Studio) the best way to report it is via the product feedback center here:


    This allows you to track the progress of the issue, which is harder to do if we open a bug report for you in our internal systems. Also, customer reported issues get higher priority, so it's more likely to be fixed.


    Sometimes bugs are hard or impossible for us to reproduce, which makes it very hard for us to address them. If you can let us know what the exact steps for creating the problem from scratch are then that makes it easier for us to track down and fix the bug.


    You can also attach a solution or project that reproduces the problem. If at all possible, please narrow down the code and the solution to the simplest possible form that reproduces the problem. This should also avoid you needing to send us any of your company's intellectual property (we don't want any of that please).


    Please also let us know what behavior you expected. Any other relevant information about the environment might be useful, such as whether you've tried it on more than one computer, whether it's always happened or just started and so on.


    Suggestions can also be reported via the same web pages - we appreciate those too, big or small.


    Thanks in advance - The Cider team.

    Thursday, August 2, 2007 7:49 PM