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  • 1. Bring back the 2D flat folder thumbnail view which showed up to 4 images inside a folder in a folder's preview. The new Windows 7/Vista style folder thumbnail is angled/3D making it hard to identify the images. Plus, it shows just one or two images instead of four.

    2. In Windows XP, I can sort images in a folder in any order and then double click them to view images in that sorted order in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer! No longer possible in Windows 7/8/Vista's Windows Photo Gallery/Photo Viewer. For example, I could sort by date picture taken and then view them in that order. Or sort by resolution and view them in that order.

    3. In Windows Vista and XP, for folders, I could set a background picture. Like my games may have a game image, my utilities a toolbox image in the lower right corner, my music a CD and so on. It adds more personalization but it was lost in Windows 7.

    4. In Windows XP, when a folder was selected in Filmstrip view, it showed images inside it. In Windows Vista/7/8 where the Preview pane is the filmstrip view replacement, selecting a folder with images shows nothing in the Preview pane and just says "No preview available".

    5. Auto arrange: Already mentioned a dozen times as one of the most annoying Windows 7 regressions. I want the ability to freely move and re-arrange my images in icon views.

    6. Viewing animated GIF images in Photo Gallery is very very much desired and requested.

    7. In Windows XP, thumbnails were stored in Thumbs.db per folder means no re-generating thumbnails every time you re-install Windows. In Windows Vista/7, thumbnails are stored in a central cache which means re-generate them every time you re-install Windows.

    8. Using Photo Gallery/Photo Viewer, you cannot view images successively in a folder which is UAC protected (UAC virtualization).

    What does everyone think? :)

    Monday, November 7, 2011 7:39 PM

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  • 1. I prefer 3D thumbnails, but you're right that in 2D it's easier to identify the images.

    2. Weird. I don't have that problem in Windows 7, Windows Photo Viewer always shows pictures in order which I chose in Explorer.

    3.-5. Don't use it myself, but I think it'd be good to have that options.

    6. Agree.

    7. I always hated that Thumbs.db in every folder in Windows XP. I like Windows Vista/7 central cache much better. But in Windows 7 there is another problem - cache size has a small limit and when it's exceeded, cache is cleaned up causing regeneration of previously generated thumbnails. I think the best solution would be the ability to manually set maximum cache size.

    8. If it's not security related limitation, it should be fixed.

    9. I also would like to have basic image editing tools in Windows Photo Viewer, like it was in Windows Vista. In Windows 7 they're only available in Windows Live Photo Gallery, I don't really need Live Gallery or any other Live applications and don't want to install it only for that tools.

    Tuesday, November 8, 2011 3:32 AM
  • #2. You're right #2 is not an issue any more. I was using "Open with" to open the images in which case it doesn't show them by sort order as I have Picasa associated as the main app. However, I made Photo Gallery the default app and now a double click shows them in the sorted order. So Photo Gallery/Viewer have to be the default app associated with your photos to be able to view photos in their sorted order.

    #7 I don't like having Thumbs.db in every folder either, especially because Explorer sometimes locks the Thumbs.db file and when deleting all files in a folder, it gets stuck on Thumbs.db. However, having separate thumbnail caches per folder has many advantages. You can delete it and force Explorer to re-generate thumbnails for ONLY that folder without affecting rest of the thumbnails. Plus no cache size limit as you said and no re-generating the thumbnails all over again every time the cache gets reset due to a Windows reinstall or corrupted due to the cache size limit.

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    Tuesday, November 8, 2011 5:24 AM