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    I am new to developing in Azure as well as node.js. Currently, I have a mobile app service that is has a SQL back end data connection. I want to build an API on top of this SQL data so that my front end application get do simple CRUD ops against the database. If I use the Azure portal 'Easy API' feature to create an endpoint, it creates an endpoint inside of the /api folder as well as a .json file that contains the permissions.



      "get": {
        "access": "anonymous"
      "post": {
        "access": "anonymous"
      "put": {
        "access": "anonymous"
      "patch": {
        "access": "anonymous"
      "delete": {
        "access": "anonymous"

    By the looks of it this creates me an endpoint to use that is also bound by my app's authentication settings. During, development have everything open but in the future I will secure these endpoints. 

    Most tutorials that I am finding around express shows the use of routes such as:

    app.get("/api/user ", function(req , res){ });

    If I were to use the express routes method of creating the endpoints, can I still secure the endpoints with the Auth settings? 


    Wednesday, May 17, 2017 3:33 PM

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