Stream Analytics to Event hubs RRS feed

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  • Hi there

    I am new to azure and have a question about stream analytics. I have set up an a device which sends events every second to an IOT hub. I need to manipulate this data and display it in a webiste, so I have done the following :

    Set up  stream analytics which reads from the IOT hub as input 

    I have set up  a query which then outputs to an event hub.

    From my understanding and reading articles as soon as I start the stream analytics it should send the messages to the event hub in real time (every second)

    However when testing I have noticed in the event hub dashboard that the messages are all sent at once and this happens only when I stop the stream analytics job.

    Please could someone clarify is this is how it suppose to work and if yes then how do I get the IOT hub data to a worker role every second for it to be manipulated?


    Thursday, June 23, 2016 11:52 AM


  • Hi Tejal,

    The behaviour you get from ASA depends largely on the query that you defined. Could you share the query with us so we can see what it actually should be doing with the data coming in IoT Hub.  

    For example, the TumblingWindows statement ASA support includes an interval that detemines after how many seconds a result should be send to the definded outputs (in case the query actually find data to output).

    Please mark answered question as anwered to let others know about it.

    Monday, June 27, 2016 6:12 AM