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  • Hi,

    I just downloaded the skeletal tracking quickstart sample. I got it to run by updating some references and unblocking the dll files, however when the image comes up on the screen the ellipses and the picture don't move to the 3 joints being tracked. It's like the skeleton tracking is not working for some reason. I am using v1.8 of the SDK.

    Sunday, April 20, 2014 12:52 AM


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  • I narrowed it down a little. When the all frames ready event fires, the first variable comes back Null which then exits the code

      void sensor_AllFramesReady(object sender, AllFramesReadyEventArgs e)
                if (closing)
                //Get a skeleton
                Skeleton first =  GetFirstSkeleton(e);
                if (first == null)
                //set scaled position
                //ScalePosition(headImage, first.Joints[JointType.Head]);
                ScalePosition(leftEllipse, first.Joints[JointType.HandLeft]);
                ScalePosition(rightEllipse, first.Joints[JointType.HandRight]);
                GetCameraPoint(first, e); 
    Skeleton GetFirstSkeleton(AllFramesReadyEventArgs e)
                using (SkeletonFrame skeletonFrameData = e.OpenSkeletonFrame())
                    if (skeletonFrameData == null)
                        return null; 
                    //get the first tracked skeleton
                    Skeleton first = (from s in allSkeletons
                                             where s.TrackingState == SkeletonTrackingState.Tracked
                                             select s).FirstOrDefault();
                    return first;

    The above is the code for the Get first skeleton.

    Its also worth noting that SkeletonFrameData is not the culprit, it is not null. The Skeleton first variable is the one coming back null.

    I get this warning below, perhaps its related?

    Warning 2 The type 'Microsoft.Samples.Kinect.WpfViewers.KinectSkeleton' in 'C:\Users\T3rr0rByte13\Downloads\KinectforWindowsSDKV1\KinectforWindowsSDKV1\Dependencies\KinectWpfViewers\KinectSkeleton.cs' conflicts with the imported type 'Microsoft.Samples.Kinect.WpfViewers.KinectSkeleton' in 'c:\Users\T3rr0rByte13\Downloads\KinectforWindowsSDKV1\KinectforWindowsSDKV1\Dependencies\KinectWpfViewers\bin\Debug\Microsoft.Samples.Kinect.WpfViewers.dll'. Using the type defined in 'C:\Users\T3rr0rByte13\Downloads\KinectforWindowsSDKV1\KinectforWindowsSDKV1\Dependencies\KinectWpfViewers\KinectSkeleton.cs'. c:\Users\T3rr0rByte13\Downloads\KinectforWindowsSDKV1\KinectforWindowsSDKV1\Dependencies\KinectWpfViewers\KinectSkeletonViewer.xaml 13 54 Microsoft.Samples.Kinect.WpfViewers

    Sunday, April 20, 2014 2:21 AM
  • Are you using the sample that comes with the Kinect for Windows toolkit? The WPFViewers is a codeplex project and not one supported in the forums.

    The toolkit can be found here:

    and the sample you want to use is:

    Carmine Sirignano - MSFT

    Wednesday, April 23, 2014 12:01 AM