How to Copy data.coverage and test result to network drive after running test(s) in a test project RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    There is a known limitation from code coverage tool for writing test result with coverage on network drive.

    Soi was trying with the work-around where i am collecting the test result along with code coverage to local drive and then trying to move them to network drive (Build drive). I am taking below steps for the same

    1. created a batch file to copy data.coverage, trx and instrumented dlls to network drive

    2. Added above batch file to the Cleanup script

    But i am getting Sharing violation and file not found error while copying data.coverage and .trx file respectively

    i want to copy coverage and test result file to network drive where my final build result's are avaialble. Is there any other way i could implement this?

    If i run qtcleanup.bat file after running test(s) then it works fine.

    Content of Batch file:

    SET TestResultDrive=B:\ABC\

    SET CodeCoverageFile=%TestLogsDir%\data.coverage
    SET Instr_Pdb=%TestDeploymentDir%\ABC.instr.pdb
    SET DLL=%TestDeploymentDir%\ABC.dll
    SET Trx=%TestDir%.trx

    XCopy /Y /Z "%DLL%" %TestResultDrive%
    XCopy /Y /Z "%Instr_Pdb%" %TestResultDrive%
    xcopy /Y /Z "%CodeCoverageFile%" %TestResultDrive%
    XCopy /Y /Z "%Trx%" %TestResultDrive%

    Monday, September 19, 2011 8:34 AM