Waiting for my Windows 8 tablet

    General discussion

  • I'm a die hard Windows fan that is taking a beating this Christmas season.  My friends are all jumping ship to IPad but I'm holding out hope.  I know that Microsoft can deliver.  I love my Windows 7 phone, now that Mango has fixed all of my main concerns.  Beautiful delivery of that update.

    I will always have a PC and a laptop for performance and portable computing reasons.  The main reason I need a tablet is for note taking and organization.  My life revolves around OneNote.  It is the #1 product that I use everyday in my professional and personal life.  Windows 8 tablet MUST have a seemless integration with this product or my wait will be in vain.  I write speech on my PC or laptop and sync them with the cloud to my phone.  Then I give the speech from my phone.  The form factor is too small and it times out.  A laptop screen comes between me and the audience.  I need a tablet.  I'm willing to upgrade all my Office software if they integrate seemlessly.

    Tuesday, November 29, 2011 10:37 PM