How to automate monthly feedback acknowledgment and archive on sharepiont? RRS feed

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    I want to use sharepoint workflows to automate monthly 1x1 feedback sharing. I want workflow to work in following way:

    Step 1 Manager initiates the feedback

    Step 2 Email goes to user informing them their 1x1 feedback is ready for review and acknowledgment and a 1x1 feedback form prefilled by Manager is assigned to user

    Step 2 If user acknowleges feedback an email is sent to manager informing him and to user thanking him for acknowledgement and feedback form is archived to a document library.

              If user rejects an email is sent to manager informing him that user would like to discuss feedback further.

    Can someone please help. I am a rookie and working with sharepoint workflows for the first time. I have sharepoint designer 2007 installed to my system. 

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  • Sounds like you'll need InfoPath, too, unless you plan to try this with Word documents or a custom list.

    what exactly do you need help with?  You need to fire up SPD, create a new workflow, and start building.  We can't type out the entire instructions - that would be a bit much.  YOu should try building it - doesn't seem very complicated - and then ask us for help when you hit stumbling blocks.  If you haven't even begun to try it, then that's what you should do first.

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