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  • Hi all,

    I am using WEC7 where I get an eboot.nb1 despite the fact that there sould be more than enough space in eboot.nb0:

    eboot.bin: 554KB
    eboot.nb0: 640KB

    eboot.nb1: 640KB

    In eboot.nb1 there is some data (HEX Editor) one of which I could track down to it being a static variable, if I change the varibable from static to const (obviously not wanted in production), the variable will no longer be in eboot.nb1 but in eboot.nb0

    Previously my eboot.bin was about 500KB and my eboot.nb0 was 512KB, everthing worked fine (including the static variable described above).

    It seems that when eboot is aproaching (or exceeding 512KB I do get this behavior of a eboot.nb1 being present even if there is enough space in eboot.nb0.

    I can not exceed eboot.nb0 further than 640KB, as otherwise I would override some other data in Flash.

    How can it be controlled where data in an .nbX file will be located?


    Monday, July 27, 2015 2:19 PM

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