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  • New job, new subscription. today my embedded msdn subscription arrived, Its been a few years since I had to sign this up myself, last place had a team one but I'm the only guy here so....  followed instructions. entered product key, vital personal information, cats maiden name, usual gumpf, nothing unusual here, its part and parcel of activating or downloading most (non open source) software. I clicked through to activate, done. got my PID. small print then says it will take 2 business days to activate... are you serious?

    The usual immediate confirmation email with a "please wait a few minutes for the servers to sync" I could live with. But nooo not even an email to say its in the pipeline. I phoned customer support cos I've got stuff I need to do, apparently it takes 2 days to sync the CRM system with MSDN. Are you using carrier pigeons or specially trained snails to carry data? I've now got visions of the data centre and it looks like the Owlery at Hogwarts.

    This thing cost over a grand, a little service isn't too much to ask.

    Rant over, now I'm going to reschedule the next two days, think I'll start on that Java work, got my netbeans ide in just under 10 minutes.  


    Friday, April 1, 2011 11:20 AM


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