Devenv.exe Uses High CPU with UI Glitches

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  • I've been using with C# for website creation with VS2015.

    Eventually, after twenty or so minutes or more, visual studio will start using much more cpu then it were prior even though I'm still doing the same thing which is just making changes to my code and testing it via the web browser. After this has started you can observe user interface problems within visual studio. Such as the properties box not showing the current properties for a selected control. Instead it simply freezes on whatever it was showing, still allowing you to change those properties, but if I click on another control, it continues showing the previous controls properties.

    At this point you may select another control and press f6 to build the ASP website again and in which case the properties window will correctly show the properties for the current selected control. But if you select another thereafter you have to repeat the process of pressing f6 to update the properties window again.

    After closing VS2015 the devenv, VsHub and VsHub server processes continue to run and have to be closed via task manager. I've found deleting the configuration folder in AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\VisualStudio and termination the aforementioned processes restores VS for a briefer time before the problem arises again.

    I'll run devenv with the /log option and come back with the file once the problem occurs.

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  • The /log file doesn't appear to have anything useful. I've noted that the high cpu usage seems to happen after an exception was generated when running the website with or without the debugger. Say an index out of bounds or call to non existent method. It's never happened when not running the website when say just editing the code.

    After the problem occurs and after force ending devenv, before I reopen visual studio I have to clear the files in 



    This allows me to use visual studio without the high cpu usage for some brief time again until the problem reoccurs.

    I've been looking in Windows Event Viewer and have found some errors and warnings todo with VS and ASP but only relating to my own specific application code. Nothing to do with visual studio or ASP as a whole.

    Is there any log file in particular I should look through?

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