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    My company has made a considerable investment developing an Azure application for use in a number of our consulting projects. At the request of several clients, and to mitigate our risk, we are considering making our source code public via some sort of open-source license (specifics TBD probably in part by the answer to this question). What we want to do is have an understanding of who is deploying our application on Azure. In my mind this is a similar model to the commercial AMI model offered by Amazon, in which booting an instance of an AMI can be a billable item. We do not necessarily want to charge people for the right to boot one of our instances, but we do want to know who is applying our software so that we can at least approach them with an offer of consulting support.

    Are there any existing applications that include this kind of usage-reporting functionality? One option will always be to collect this data from the source repository itself, but getting a sense of how extensively someone is deploying the code is not a question I can think of answering except via some sort of built-in role reporting. Maybe this is an application of the Azure Service Bus?


    Wednesday, March 30, 2011 7:45 PM