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  • hi,  i am trying to find reference to what thought existed, to have some kind of Virtual Formula ? (not sure what to call it), referenced down a column.  not even sure if that exists but swear i saw that somewhere before.

    i'll take any bigger eg's, but i cannot even get started finding any references.  what form would it take??  is there / what would be a property name for that, if it exists?  thanks in advance.   just some guesses:

    are there any performance issues?

    function goIMAGE()    'made up example,  call as ???  or just from vb?

        reference range(B9).IMAGE  mirror formulas down a column? :)  top row to xl bottom

    end function


    where the formula in cell B9 could be 100 characters long, and call as?:  =goIMAGE($A$9)

    note:  i have divider rows that i id with vb (i would not have this action take place in those rows):

    If Left(Cells(activecell.row, "A:A").Text, 1) <> "." Then

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  • Hello Davexx,

    Do you want to drop down the formula cell to apply the formula for all the column cells?

    If so, I would suggest you try to use Range.FillDown Method to do this.

    Here is the demonstration.

    Sub Test()
    End Sub

    If not, please share some screenshots to illustrate the desired result or behavior. 

    Best Regards,


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