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  • So I have been tasked with strong naming our assemblies. Many of them were created by selecting a COM component in the Reference dialog in VS to automatically created RCWs long ago. I have been able to use tlbimp to regenerate them using our versioning and keys, however one seems to generate a completely different file through the two methods. For MS vbscript regular expressions 5.5, Visual Studio shows the com reference as vbscript.dll in system32. when I run tlbimp on this file I only see a Global namespace with Global and ErrObj under it. When I select it in Visual Studio I see VBScript_RegExp_55 with various other objects. I have never seen this behavior before and don't see any options in tlbimp that could affect this. Can anyone provide feedback on this?

    P.S. Before the requisite flood of why the h*** are you using a COM reference for regular expressions when they are built into .Net!? Well I would love to know too, but I'm not privy to that info myself and so far have not been able to get anyone to sign off on retesting the modules so we can change it right now.

    Wednesday, April 7, 2010 1:45 PM


  • This is a guess, but scripting COM implementation is late-binding COM using IDispatch. I don't know exactly what I would expect, but if all you see is (for example) a method that returns an IDispatch then that might be all there is. Think about how a vbscript works - it's not compiled, and the methods and parameters are discovered through IDispatch and validated at run time using GetTypeInfo, methods are called through Invoke etc.
    Phil Wilson
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    Wednesday, April 7, 2010 7:34 PM