ASYNC_NETWORK_IO when client software is querying the SQL Database from a Server 2008 installation.


  • We are running a software called ACQUIRE which utilizes a SQL back end repository.  When running the software from a windows 7 configuration, the application is able to run all queries without any issues.  However when running the application from a server 2008r2 configuration, the SQL reports a suspended task with a wait type of ASYNC_NETWORK_IO.  Here are some notes on what I've found so far:


    I've tried the following installations to test the software.

    1. Original install was on a Xenapp presentation server which is where I first noticed the failure, server was fully patched
    2. Tried multiple compatibility modes and verifying it was running as administrator.
    3. Installed client on the SQL server hosting the database and received the same wait time when running the query
    4. Rolled back to an older version of the software and had the same results
    5. Installed client on a vanilla 2008r2 server, unpatched, no roles or features configured.

    I did stumble across a temporary fix by uninstalling the server's antivirus, and it was working fine for a day until the server rebooted overnight for patching (it was on the original citrix install I discovered this band-aid).  AV was Kaspersky.

    Another 'fix' I found is that this error is specific to a single object, if I select another object, the query will run, and 90% of the time if I THEN navigate to the conflicting object I will run the query successfully and load the data.

    There seems to be a network connection or setting not allowing the initial connection from the conflicting object to the SQL database but once another connection is opened it seems to work fine.

    Hoping someone has an idea of where to look next, A ticket was opened with the software's support team and it's been escalated to their development team.

    Friday, July 05, 2013 6:48 PM


  • Hi BenKenoobi,

    First, I want to confirm where does the SQL Server locate. If SQL Server locates on a standby computer, we need to confirm network administrator to check the Windows Server connection. If a SQL Server is installed with the application, please make sure Shared memory protocol is enabled. There are some other suggestions to troubleshooting ASYNC_NETWORK_IO wait type, you can also refer to them:


    SQL Server ASYNC Network IO Wait Type

    Allen Li
    TechNet Community Support

    Tuesday, July 09, 2013 7:31 AM