External Activation: Using SQL server service broker from a ASP.NET MVC application


  • Hello,

    I have the following requirement from an mvc application.

    User has the option to print , which will execute a print to different formats. I want to make the print process asynchronous.For that I want to utilize the service broker.

    After going through some blogs etc, I have an understanding of how to use it and I wanted to confirm my understanding.

    Here it is at a high level:

    1: create a request message and send to service broker

    2: Use the service broker external activator to call a web api

    3: The web api will do the print task and store the printed document to the DB

    4: Finish service broker task

    5: On UI when the user visits the page again, they will see the option to download the document

    Is this a good approach? Any example on how to use external activator with an MVC application?

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