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  • We're having a bit of a problem with users trying to download a document using IE10.  When they click the Open button they get another message saying that <filename> couldn't be downloaded.  When they open the View Downloads window it also says "This file couldn't be downloaded".  If they Retry it, it will download.  Here are some notes that may or may not be pertinent:

    • It only happens in IE10, IE9 users can open documents w/o any issues
    • Changing the Browser & Document Modes doesn't help
    • Resetting the browser, making sure all the pertinent settings to allow downloads are set properly, and any of the other suggestions given on the web regarding this issue didn't work
    • The issue is happening in a SharePoint website
    • Some security updates were applied to our servers the day before this was reported (reported on 7/25/13 - but that doesn't necessarily mean that the security updates were the most recent ones to have been released).  I'm trying to get more details on what was patched.
    • The files are being called via a javascript function that pops up another page.  That page is using a sqldatareader and response object to serve up the data from the DB.

    Any thoughts?

    - Jas

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