Script to list all users who have permissions to send to restricted DL groups RRS feed

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  • Similar to this, but apparently it's "closed" and I have to start a new one.


    I've used Shay's command:

    Get-DistributionGroup -ResultSize Unlimited -filter {AcceptMessagesOnlyFrom -ne $null} | select-object Name,@{Name="AcceptMessagesOnlyFrom";Expression={[string]::join(";",($_.AcceptMessagesOnlyFrom| foreach {$_.name}))}} | export-csv c:\DistList.csv

    and works great, but it does not list security groups or it's members who are also in the "AcceptMessagesOnlyFrom" attribute.  We need to list all users (even if they are in a group).

    Replacing AcceptMessagesOnlyFrom with AcceptMessagesOnlyFromDLMembers only gave us the the groups.

    There's a site here:


    It's for Exchang 2010 (we have 2007), but it listed an attribute called AcceptMessagesOnlyFromSendersOrMember that looks like it would be closer to what we want (lists users and groups), but it produces no results.

    Is there a way to get all users, even if they are inside of a group, listed for each send-restricted DL group?

    The end goal is the list all users to who have the ability to email to these restricted DL groups.


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