do any any know how to devolp a vb.net application for sending SMS to any mobiles from the application RRS feed

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    hi actually iam faced with a problem of designing and devolping a application tht helps in sending messages to the mobile phones. the problem is i learnt abt the sms gateway , gsm modem and thrid party service provider to which i got to connect my system.


    so can u people tell me which is the best way to go and u may provide me a sample codes or steps to proceed with


    thanking you in advance


    Wednesday, September 6, 2006 7:40 AM

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    maybe this will help 

    here is a deal IF you are doing it for company use and you know that all employess use VerizonWireless or Tmobile or any other provider they have contract with. Send e-mail to number@provider (for Verizon it will be 7735555555@vtext.com) and it will cost you $0 :) When they have more than one provider they can chose provider from dropdownlist or something like that when entering employee information so before you send msg you will pull phone number from one column provider address from 2nd column and you are ready to send msg for free.

    2nd way use http://www.teleflip.com/ first 100 sms is free up to 2100 sms cost about $50 and u send it as mail phonenumber@teleflip.com (you don't have to worry about what provider customer is using)


    Wednesday, September 6, 2006 11:58 AM