Is a typical registry file about 160MB to 204MB as the example of my PC? I have questions...do you answer them at all? RRS feed

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    I wanted to save on paper so I included a sample of TaiFood or Food for Thought.

     Here are a few questions I thought of off the top of my head....

    How do I keep remote users from EVER logging onto my PC?

    Why is impersonating a USER an undocumented alien?

    Are there technologies that are co-opted for networking / communication buried within the Registry?

    Can Webcam audio and video be stored or streamed without the user's consent?

    How can I decode "Handler" ID?  Agency or corporate partner and employee? or is it meant to confuse?

    Is Panther a good thing from the consumer perspective and does it use ANY extra resources?

    Can any other technology work side by side it, too?

    What are the minimum requirements for a virtual machines (list all implementations) and how can one use video in two windows if one is being taken away virtually noticed.

    Can mail be used without the owner's consent or fax used to communicate serially in a network?

    What does the Microsoft Store?

    How Public are the folders that seem to reappear, tsk tsk task?

    Describe Virtual Basic and how it can either precompiled or run on the sly? Virtually any PC hosts virtual machines just less features? or does it have to actual play a video without skipping a frame?

    What are Factory's as used by MS Registry?

    Can I get a cross reference for the computer names and networks of inbound intruders?

    What are the people called who try to defend themselves from the threat of domestic enemies besides slaves?

    Why are there long strings used to privatize your relationships and mayhem (Idea: GuID knot)

    What if the Trusted Installer turns bad and the accused is breaking its inheritance, it that part of those corporate unlicensed  to fight for crime? Hackers in Ties? Or ties that bind us?

    If I had multiple USERS invented on my new PC how can we meet in person?

    I seem to be having uninvited guests on my PC.  Can I charge for loss of storage, productivity and CPU cycles?

    What is the difference between Defender and a Virus?  What if the Defender was not installed or consent was never given at all?

    Can USB drivers emulate hardware with Container ID 0x0000000ffffffffffff ?  -plus or minus an F you see can't get the PC back from the virtual visitors who won't keep out of my house.

    Can the driver's signature  be forged?  What about the size and dates of the file and manufacturer?

    Why is NDIS installed on PC's without authorization?

    Why do log and event files disappear?

    What group support Liberty and the US Constitution?

    Thank you for you support and free license if the agent of the government is Microsoft, then by 2nd Amendment right to bear arms against the law enforcement's abusive behavior as predicted by the US Constitution - there is NO reasonable expectation that good faith is or was ever in play.

    Are there resources to fight the threat of a rogue MS employee who might be unknown to you?

    When private companies ignore the privacy of others then crimes occur, don't they?

    Is R2D2 related to you too?

    Non-Anonymously yours,

    -G Taiho Decker

    PO Box 471854

    San Francisco

    CA 94147



    p.s. "Don't leave your computer wide open?"  I wanted to target practice - myself.

    Bonus Question:

    What is the equivalent of KB976902 / KB25533552 in Windows 8?

    C3PO wants to know.





    Sunday, December 23, 2012 9:59 AM