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  • I'll keep getting this error when calling the API. I have a fresh refresh token and provided the customerID and accountID for which the user is Super Admin. Also the Developer Token is from this user.

    Can't find any further details on what is wrong. Any ideas?

    Code = "2003"
               Details = ""
               ErrorCode = "AccountNotAuthorized"
               Message = "The specified report request contains at least one account which you have insufficient privileges to access. Please submit a report request for accounts that you are authorized to access."

    Thursday, May 7, 2020 10:31 AM

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  • Do you have more details about the report type and scope you set? For example I can repro the 2003 error by setting '123' within AccountIds for an AccountPerformanceReportRequest:

    var report = new AccountPerformanceReportRequest
        Aggregation = aggregation,
        ExcludeColumnHeaders = excludeColumnHeaders,
        ExcludeReportFooter = excludeReportFooter,
        ExcludeReportHeader = excludeReportHeader,
        Format = format,                
        ReturnOnlyCompleteData = returnOnlyCompleteData,
        Time = time,
        ReportName = "My Account Performance Report",
        Scope = new AccountReportScope
            AccountIds = new[] { (long)123 }
    ... // etcetera



    Monday, May 11, 2020 1:17 PM