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  • I have an app which will use largish video files (~5mb each), depending on what happens. I don't want to package all of them as embedded resources in my app because it'll be a big initial download and they probably won't all get used each time anyway. So I want to store them on my server alongside my app and have my app download each one on demand as it needs it. So I've been looking at WebClient.OpenReadAsync. However, I'd like to store these locally so that I can switch between them easily at runtime and also to make them persist if possible between accesses to the site, perhaps days later. Can I do this?

     I guess this is a noob question so if someone can point me towards an example or what I should be looking at, that'd be great.


    Tuesday, April 27, 2010 3:54 AM


  •  Usually we save user specific data to client side in IsolatedStorage, but here're two problems with it:

    1. The file size is large. Using IsolatedStorage for large file will ask users permission to allocate those size on user's computer. If the user don't want to allocate the size, then we cannot use it

    2. The midia file doesn't have differences between different users. So there're no need to save it to user's client machine. In my opinion, you can keep the media file on the server side, then use IIS smooth streaming to do buffer/play. If you want to remember which media file is played by a user, you can just save the file name to IsolatedStorage.

    Wednesday, April 28, 2010 11:28 PM