When you save a list as a template do the workflows save with that template?


  • My previous issue was never resolved.  I have list in which wokflows just stopped working one day.  The same workflows on almost identical lists in the same site work fine (post here:

    So I've recreated the list and workflows, then saved as a template.  I then created a new list from my template.  I noticed the workflows are saved with the list, but the workflows on my new list weren't functioning properly.  When I checked the workflow in SharePoint Designer, I noticed that it is "hardwired" to the original list I created it for.  So does the workflow actually work for this new list?

    Wednesday, June 17, 2009 3:01 PM


  • When you create a workflow with Sharepoint designer it is associated to a specific list on a specific web.
    When that web is saved site as template it includes the workflow but the workflow when you create site from
    "Your" template are associated to the old list. You need to open the new site in Sharepoint Designer. Then open the workflow
    in an editing session, click the xmol(I think) file in the workflow folders then the "back" button then repick the list in the associations dropdown.
    Save or finish or whatever., some other workflow references in each step may have to be reset as well (that part depends) particularily with cross list interaction.

    If you find yourself doing this too often you need to develop in Visual Studio or try and figure out the XML declarative workflow files GUID or use an old third party codeplex project application that claims to auto associate those Sharepoint Designer designed workflows.
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    Wednesday, June 17, 2009 7:52 PM