ADF Powershell commands with github option?


  • Our ADF is integrated with github code repository but when i am pushing code through below powershell code, it's storing on default directory instead of github code. Please advise the option to store & publish into code repository?

    Set-AzureRmDataFactoryV2Dataset -DataFactoryName "BI-PRD-DF-01" -ResourceGroupName "business-intelligence-prd" -Name "SourceDataset_Bookingstatus" -DefinitionFile ".\SourceDataset_Bookingstatus.json"

     Set-AzureRmDataFactoryV2pipeline -DataFactoryName "BI-PRD-DF-01" -ResourceGroupName "business-intelligence-prd" -Name "BI-Pipe-2" -DefinitionFile ".\BI-Pipe-2.json"

    Wednesday, November 7, 2018 4:05 PM

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