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    I am working om a Profit & Loss statement in SSRS 2012 and am wondering how to fix correct calculations. My dataset has categories and subcategories and I would like to have these as row groups in a tablix (matrix). Category 1 is "Gross Margin"; category 2 "Costs" and category 3 "Interests". Subcategories are a row group that can be toggled on and off. As a Grand Total I would like to have "Gross Margin" minus "Costs" minus "Interests". My point is how to get the Costs and Interest deducted from the Gross Margin in the tablix once they are in the same data region. I don't want to show Costs and Interest with a minus sign. So, my Grand Total would be GM -/- Costs -/- Interests where the amounts for GM, Costs and Interests show up as absolute figures. How should I substract one item in a data region from another item in the same data region? I would rather not like make several adjacent groupings for the same row group. So preferably not a grouping on Category (filtered for Gross Margins), another group on Category (filtered for Costs) and another group on Category (filtered on Interests) ... I Googled around for some time but there is not a common practice for issues like this


    Sales: 1000 (= Subcategory)
    Cost of sales: 600 (= Subcategory)
    GROSS MARGIN: 400 (= Category)

    Wages and salaries: 100 (= Sub)
    Housing: 50 (= Sub)
    Depreciations: 100 (= Sub)
    Other expenses: 60 (= Sub)
    COSTS: 310 (= Category)

    Interests paid: 15 (= Sub)
    Interests recieved: 5 (= Sub)
    INTERESTS: 10 (= Category)


    What is the best way to accomplish this?


    Friday, June 6, 2014 3:57 AM