How to pass Win8 certification for ALS (Ambient Light Sensor) ? RRS feed

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  • Dear Greeting,

    Our company develops ALS and want to pass Window 8 certification. For cost issues, we don't use a microcontroller and an USB bridge in our design. It's a pure I2C interface with ALS sensor. Means, if we want to pass Window 8 certification, it can only use SPB. My question is I don't know where to get related information. Could your guys help and show me the correct way? Do we need to develop a Driver to drive our ALS? Is there a sample code for SPB driver for ALS? Certification program (HCK) will certify the both driver and sensor? Do we need to modify the BIOS for ALS driver? 

    Or.... Maybe we don't need a SPB. If so, could you tell me which interface can be used? and where to get related information?

    Thank you!



    Friday, March 1, 2013 7:19 AM