VS 2015 Update 1


  • Very unstable in many situations. Most of which I think are related to the fact my solution is saved in VS Online so I think its getting messed up with add/remove source items but I really can't tell.  

    For example, dragging a folder of css to another within a project never completes, just hangs. Never completes after 10 minutes so I kill VS via Task Manager.

    Seriously MS?? .. this is like something you released in 2000, come on you can do better than this!

    Johnny Larue,

    Saturday, January 9, 2016 2:12 AM


  • Hi JLarue,

    Thanks for your feedback about Visual Studio.

    There are many reasons will cause Visual Studio crash or hang when operating it. Please try with following steps to check whether this problem is related to Visual Studio itself or other reasons.

    Please run your Visual Studio in administrator first to check whether this problem caused by insufficient privileges of Visual Studio.

    Then please run Visual Studio 2015 in safe mode with "Devenv.exe /SafeMode" command to prevents all third-party VSPackages from loading when Visual Studio starts, thus ensuring stable execution.

    Third part software also result Visual Studio crashes, such as antivirus software. Please make sure you have closed all third part software when running Visual Studio.

    In addition, please check the ActiveLog.xml under the path of %AppData%\Microsoft\VisualStudio\14.0. This file will log all operations when you operate Visual Studio.

    If any ideas about Visual Studio 2015, please post your ideas to Visual Studio User Voice, which can help Visual Studio Team improve the quality of Visual Studio. Thanks for your feedback again.

    Best Regards,

    Tuesday, January 12, 2016 3:29 AM