Metro icons and the app store destroyed by Sage Thumbs and Fast Picture viewer RRS feed

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  • My copy of Windows 8 has not displayed icons in the tiles for months. Not only that, the app store was rendered completely useless as well since many of the graphics and buttons relied on the same functionalities.

    All of this because SageThumbs was installed on my system. For others it was Fast Picture viewer. 

    I'm in the business of creating new applications for Metro, however these types of issues can prevent my software from taking off if other windows 8 user's start screens are broken. 

    I'd like to recommend Metro be better isolated from the rest of Windows (as much as possible anyway) so it is not so easily affected.

    Another solution would be to protect the registry keys and associations critical to the Windows Store from being modified much the same way the Start menu was highly protected in Windows 95 through 7. 

    Is this the right forum to publish this? I would expect other developers would have similar concerns. 

    Monday, April 1, 2013 4:43 AM