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  • Okay excel experts I got something tricky here for you guys, perhaps a toughy one:

    I have an excel inventory.xls over the network with permission such as:

    bob:all permissions
    jacob: read-only

    I have an excel enterToInventory.xls over the network with permission such as:

    everyone: all permissions

    What I want to do is have jacob open enterToInventory.xls and enter inventory data on that file.  Once he submits data on that file I want to run a vba code that opens inventory.xls that gives jacob write permission and writes onto inventory.xls.  Once done writing, jacob then loses the write permission and only has read only permission.  Is this even possible? Help would be greatly appreciated.

    Basically what I'm trying to do is to have everyone be able to enter data into the inventory.xls over the network but unable to edit it, except Bob (Bob is the document control guy who is the only one who should ever be able to edit anything in inventory.xls).  All other users can only enter data into inventory using enterToInventory.xls. Since the inventory is "read-only" for everyone but Bob, 5 people (other than Bob) can view the inventory.xls while Jacob is writing data in it at the same time (of course the 5 people have to close and reopen inventory.xls before the written data is shown). If anyone knows a better method of this, and can avoid the read-only stuff let me know.  Thanks!!!


    Wednesday, May 8, 2013 8:35 PM

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