How to append data from a T-sql qurey to a notication? RRS feed

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  • Hi Everybody,

    I am implementing SSNS for one of my Notification Requirements. It is sending an email, the data in the format as denfined in the Notification Schema :

    Slno,OldValue,NewValue as 1,25$,24$ respectively.

    But i want to append data to the same e-mail which will be returned with a T-sql statement (ex : select * from Customers JOIN Orders ON Customers.CustId = Orders.CustId )

    For Ex :

    Slno,OldValue,NewValue as 1,25$,24$
    +  i need below info to be appended as an output of T-sql qry
    CustID         Name
    1                   David
    2                  Bob
    3                   Milac
    4                  Jhon

    How can i achive this ?

    Shall i need to deifine another EventClass which contains CustId,Name,OrderId,OrderName + add EventRule2+ Subscription   + Notifcation schema with these fields and so on ? Even if we do like this.. for the same eventRule inwhich i am using currently and the New EventRule2 and Subcribers for this and so on.. .seems to be not like this....


    Can any of you please tell me a solution where and which for the existing SSNS , i want to append data which is outputed by a T-sql query ?










    Thursday, August 24, 2006 12:01 PM