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    Office for the Web Integration

    This forum targets integrations with the Office Online Server (on-premises) product deployments, not Office for the Web (formerly known as Office 365) product (cloud). For Office for the Web integration questions please direct your posts to the Yammer group provided by the Cloud Storage Partner Program. For more information on that program, please refer to Office Cloud Storage Partner Program.

    WOPI Validator

    Before asking a question on this forum, please run the WOPI Validator to make sure your implementation meets the minimum requirements and is responding correctly to requests. This will eliminate quite a few issues immediately and may resolve the problem you are about to post here. 

    The WOPI Validator can be found on Github, here: WOPI Validator Core

    For Implementers of Protocols

    This forum is for discussions and questions about protocol implementation using our Open Specifications documents. If you are not implementing specifically against these documents and cannot formulate your question in the context of these specifications, then likely you need to contact the appropriate product support for assistance. 

    Wednesday, August 29, 2018 5:23 PM