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  • I'm running into an issue where my searches using the Bing Maps RESTful interface aren't producing the same (or in some cases any) results, but when I run the exact same search on the Bing Maps website I get a large number of results.

    Here's an example:  I'm interested in finding all organic tree nurseries in the zip code 99036 in Washington state, so I set my query string to "organic nursery in WA, 99036"

    Bing Maps returns:

    But the restful service returns no results:,ciso2&maxResults=20&query=organic%20nursery%20in%20WA,%2099036&key=BingMapsKey

    Any suggestions?  How can I use the RESTful service to produce the locations returned in the Bing Maps search?

    Thanks in advance.

    Friday, July 1, 2016 4:12 PM


  • The Bing Maps REST service you are using is a geocoding service. Geocoders take an address or place location and return it's coordinates, they are not a point of interest search service. Currently Bing Maps does not provide a service that supports free form query searches like this for points of interest. The Bing Maps website does support this but the data behind that service can't be exposed in a developer API due to restrictions put in place by the data providers of that data.

    Currently the main option for accessing point of interest data in Bing Maps is to use one of the many data sources available in the Bing Spatial Data Services. 2 of these are maintained by the Bing Maps team and have point of interest data: (note that the list of data sources here is only those maintained by the Bing Maps team, there are hundreds of other data sources in that service available which you can look up in the Bing Maps dev center under Data Sources -> Public Data Sources.

    To use these data sources you would use the Query API:

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    Friday, July 1, 2016 7:43 PM