Button on form to export to CSV RRS feed

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  • I asked this question over in the SharePoint forum, but was directed to ask it here as it is more of a coding question.

    I have recently taken over ownership of a SharePoint form from a previous admin, used for new VM Server Builds. In essence, user fills out form, form goes through approval workflow in SP, form is saved to network location (in .xlsx format today), then picked up by automation engine to build the VM.

    For some reason, the admin had an excel file with a web query in it to synchronize with the list in SP. This is problematic, as the server build process has to open the Excel doc, let the query update, then Save and continue. The first step afterward is to convert the excel file to csv for use within the automation. Later on (for reasons that still mystify me at this point) the code is converting the doc from csv back to xls format.

    I can see on the form in InfoPath where I could add a submit button at the bottom. I am just wondering if there is a relatively easy way to code this button to save the form data straight to a csv, and skip the whole excel>>web query>>convert to csv process? I have been playing around with the button in InfoPath and what I can do with it, but there isn't looking to be a way out of the box to do this.

    Tuesday, October 1, 2019 1:32 PM